Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Me? You Too!

I feel I get too much credit for this trip.

Yes, it’s challenging and unique.  I suppose it’s impressive, and yeah I guess I can’t deny that it does take some courage to be willing to undertake it, but I do not view it as a challenge any greater than those faced by people in every day life.  No really, I mean it.

I think life in the real world can be much lonelier, more challenging and require more perseverance than something like what I am doing.  If someone is impressed by what I am doing, be assured that I stand in equal awe of the person who commutes to work every morning through heavy traffic, of the person who stays through the rough times of a relationship, of the person who perseveres through a lonely and uncertain time in their life.  I really mean it.

Some people shake their heads at what I am doing as though they don’t imagine that they could ever do it themselves, but I shake my head back and wonder if I could ever commit to my family as they have committed to theirs, or to their career, or if I could endure the heartache they have recently experienced, or the physical challenges of sickness or disability. 

In the end I suppose every one is on a lonesome and grueling journey, and frankly, I would not be surprised if yours were more profound than my own.